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Pixelcut is loved by over 20 million small businesses and entrepreneurs with an average rating of 4.8 stars. We're committed to giving you the best experience possible, so if there's anything that we can improve please email us at support@pixelcut.app.

Shaelyn D.

Great app, easy to use. Helps our small business save time and money to create different marketing materials professionally. Thank you.

Gabriel W.

The app is awesome and has helped me create great content for my business! I definitely recommend downloading this app and purchasing the pro!

Carter M.

Simplicity and innovative is how I would describe this app. I have spent hours and hours in cleaning up and perfecting a background cutout and this app is a fast and automatic solution. I’m so happy I found it!

Fiona W.

Just started with it recently and I’m a mobile Wattpad graphic editor and it’s sooooo easy to many PNGs with this app. I found it so annoying when I had to always erase the bg or a few objects, etc because I couldn’t find suitable PNGs for my graphics. I love this app!!

Yasamin F.

All-in-one graphic design only thing I'd add is more stickers like the parental advisory sticker for music covers but besides that 10/10.

Jaleel L.

The app is very easy to navigate, a lot of great features to create nice images for your social media pages.

Kira H.

I need a good background remover for my work and I've been through them all it feels like. This one is the best by far. It's so easy to use and the results always look amazing. Thank you Pixelcut!

Mary J.

It’s amazingly easy and gives the perfect results for my bags and accessories. It looks like it was done by a professional photographer.

Zara Z.

I make jewelry, so I needed an app that would help me remove the background in my photos. This app did exactly what I needed it to do. I simply took a photo, used this app to remove the background, and then I was able to post it on my Etsy store and Instagram. So easy! Thank you!

Megan S.

This app is AWESOME! I’ve tried all the other background removal apps and they either didn’t work or were hard to figure out. This app is perfect. It removes the background on my jewelry perfectly every time. And it literally does it in seconds, I can't believe it. Pixelcut is a lifesaver!

Julie B.

I’ve tried so many apps for editing photos for my Etsy store but they were so complicated. Pixelcut is by far the simplest and easiest to use. It saves me so much time removing the background on my jewelry images. I used to use Photoshop but that took me forever, Pixelcut works perfectly every time, I’m so happy I found it! Never going back!

Natalia S.

I have been a Poshmarker for 4 years now. Setting up different backgrounds and creating space to collaborate with all of my listings was the most time consuming part of listing any items. But, with the Pixelcut app, I have endless options for perfect backgrounds. With this app, I feel excited and confident that my buyer will indeed be able to get a good look at my items for sale and appreciate the aesthetic. Thank you PIXELCUT!!! And to everyone else out there... struggling with backgrounds for your sales items- look no further, Pixelcut should never be overlooked- but instead it should be promoted more and used more for that perfect presentation of what you are selling online or in your stores.

Alicia K.

Seriously, regardless of the industry you’re in, Pixelcut will assist you in making the perfect image! Simple, quick and functional! Download this app today! And tell your friends! And no, this isn’t a a paid review. I legit love it!

Mia Z.

Thank you very much to Pixelcut for creating this app. It is super user friendly and works as it should. I’m able to create lots of banners, IG posts, story posts, you name it, all from my phone. I used to use Photoshop to delete backgrounds but this app does it so much cleaner and faster!

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