How to Remove a Person from a Photo in Seconds

After tons of attempts, you finally snap the perfect photo of your family on vacation—only to have it ruined by a person walking into the frame at the last second. We’ve all been there at some point.

From photobombers to crowds of tourists, there are plenty of scenarios where an unwanted person can ruin an otherwise awesome photograph. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to remove a person from an image in just a few seconds. All you need is an AI-powered photo editor like Pixelcut.

So, are you hoping to delete a photobomber from your photo or erase an ex from your new profile pic? Want a quick and easy way to do it from your phone—without paying for Photoshop? Well then, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will show you how to use Pixelcut’s magic eraser tool to remove people from photos faster than you can say “cheese!”

Why You Might Need to Remove a Person from Your Photo

There are tons of reasons you might want to remove unwanted people from your photos. This is true whether they’re an intentional photobomber, an unwitting group of strangers, or just someone who you wish wasn’t part of a particular photo.

Additionally, the ability to erase people from images gives you a ton of creative control and more options when it comes to choosing which pictures to share on social media. With modern editing tools, it’s so easy to remove a person from a photo that anyone can do it in just a few seconds. (Yes, even beginners with no editing experience!)

Let’s explore how you can easily remove a person from your photos (and why you might want to) in various real-life scenarios.

Scenario #1: Removing a Photobomber

We’ve all been in a situation where our photos don’t turn out exactly how we’d hoped. Arguably the worst case of this is when you have an otherwise perfect picture ruined by an unwanted person in the background. From selfies and group shots to landscape photography, a single photobomber can throw off your entire photo.

Thankfully, you can use Pixelxut’s magic eraser tool to quickly edit photos and remove unwanted people. Whether your friend intentionally photobombs a cute picture of you and your partner or a random person just so happens to walk into the frame at the wrong time, Pixelcut’s object removal tool is the antidote.

Removing a photobomber with Pixelcut

There are two ways to use Pixelcut to erase a photobomber from your image:

  • By using our free online eraser tool.
  • Or by tapping the “Magic Eraser” button in the Pixelcut app (which is free for iOS and Android).

From there, all you need to do is open or upload the photo in question and swipe over the person you want to remove. You can adjust the brush tool size depending on how much space the person takes up in the original photo. 

Scenario #2: Removing Tourists from Travel Photos

Another common scenario where you might want to edit people out of your photos? Your travel pictures—especially if you’re visiting a popular tourist attraction.

It’s often impossible to take a clear shot of an iconic structure like the Eiffel tower without hordes of tourists milling around. So, if you want a nice photo of your family in front of the tower (without a bunch of travelers in the background), it’s not going to happen without some clever editing.

Removing tourists from travel photos with Pixelcut

With Pixelcut’s free editing app, you can remove tourists from vacation photos right from your iPhone. It only takes a few seconds—which means you can capture and post highlights from your trip on the go as you experience them.

Scenario #3: Removing Strangers from Your Photos

You can also use Pixelcut to remove strangers walking through your photos. The magic eraser tool can remove just about anything from your photos—including strangers, animals, vehicles, and objects. You even have the option to remove the entire background of a photo if you want to replace it with something else.

Maybe it’s not an intentional photobomber, but an unknowing stranger who happened to appear just as you clicked the shutter. Maybe you’re trying to photograph a sunset and don’t like the way a person’s silhouette breaks up the horizon. Or maybe you snapped a really cute selfie and need to remove a person mid-sneeze in the crowd behind you.

Removing strangers from your photos‍ with Pixelcut

Want to remove unwanted people from your photos in seconds? Simply snap a photo, open it in the Pixelcut app, select the magic eraser tool, and then swipe your finger over any people or objects you want to erase.

Scenario #4: Removing Your Ex from a Photo

Is your ex out of the picture—but still in some of your pictures? Whether it’s your ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, ex-friend, or former spouse, you’ve probably thought about deleting or strategically cropping certain pictures from time spent with someone who’s no longer in your life.

But you don’t have to let a bad breakup taint your memories (and photos) from important places, trips, and experiences. Instead, use a photo editing app to remove your ex from the image.

Removing your ex from a photo with Pixelcut

You probably have a few old photos with your ex you’d like to hang onto. Maybe you look particularly great in the picture, or the lighting was perfect. Or maybe it’s a nostalgic group photo with your friends. In any case, you can upload the image to Pixelcut and use the magic eraser tool to swipe away all signs of your ex.

Scenario #5: Removing People from a Landscape Photo

For nature lovers and landscape photographers, attempting to capture the majesty of nature is an exciting challenge. But sometimes, it’s hard to get a clear shot without any people—especially at popular lookout spots.

Removing people from a landscape photo with Pixelcut

From mountains and beaches to sunsets and wildlife, amateur and professional photographers alike can benefit from the ability to retouch their images. For example, if you want to turn a photo into a screensaver or print a copy to hang on your wall, you may need to remove a person or some litter from it first.

With Pixelcut, you can swipe away unwanted objects (like trash cans or power lines), people, or anything else that takes away from the landscape you’re trying to capture.

Scenario #6: Removing Your Reflection from a Photo

Intentionally photographing reflections can be a fun artistic choice. But noticing unwanted reflections after you’ve taken a photo? That’s just frustrating.

Whether you’re photographing a building, a person wearing sunglasses, or even taking a product photo of a reflective object, there might be instances where you don’t want your reflection in the final image.

Removing your reflection from a photo with Pixelcut

Fortunately, Pixelcut allows users to easily remove reflections and shadows from any photo. Just as you would remove objects or people, you can use the magic eraser tool to erase reflections by simply dragging your finger across the part of the photo you want to edit. Then, Pixelcut’s editing tool will replace the highlighted section using artificial intelligence to accurately fill in the blanks.

Using Pixelcut to Remove a Person from a Photo

No matter who or what you need to erase from your photos, Pixelcut makes it easy. Here’s how to remove a person, reflection, or silhouette from any photo using our free photo editor:

  • Upload your photo to the Pixelcut app (or online magic eraser tool).
  • Click on the Magic Eraser tool.
  • Swipe your finger over the people (or objects) you want to erase. 
  • Let our AI do its thing and then download, share, or continue to edit your photo.
Easily remove a person from any photo with Pixelcut

Pro Tip: Whether you want to erase an entire person or minor details, you can scale the brush size up or down to fit your needs.

Want to edit several photos at once? With Pixelcut Pro, you get access to batch editing, which allows you to create a series of similar edits across multiple images—perfect for branded product photos, a curated social media feed, or a photo collage.

So, what are you waiting for? Join millions of creators and business owners who use Pixelcut to edit their photos. Download Pixelcut to easily remove unwanted people and unnecessary objects from your photos.

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