11 eBay Marketing Tools All Online Sellers Need to Know

With 185 million active buyers, eBay is a great place to sell almost anything online. But to stand out in this marketplace, you need to work on promoting your listings. This is where eBay marketing tools come in useful.

There are literally dozens of apps devoted to eBay nowadays, helping you to optimize your titles, hone your pricing, and improve your photos. The question is, which tools are worth your time?

Keep reading to see a roundup of our favorite tools (including free and premium options) and discover how you can take your eBay store to the next level. 

What Are the Benefits of Marketing Tools for eBay Selling?

While it’s easy enough to list products for sale on eBay, you need to put in some effort if you want to maximize your profits. 

By automating certain tasks and helping you with others, eBay marketing tools are designed to reduce your overall workload

In addition, dedicated tools can help you to reach more customers, research your competitors, and find the ideal price point. In total, this means more profit for less time spent overall.

Of course, these advantages will be felt most strongly by store owners who sell regularly. But even if you only sell something occasionally on eBay, good marketing tools can speed up the process and put more money in your pocket.

What Are the Best eBay Marketing Tools?

We promised to give you great eBay marketing tools, so that’s what we are going to deliver. Here’s a list of our favorite apps, covering a range of selling tasks. 

1) Pixelcut: Product Photography Made Easy

Whether you sell once a year or 100 times a day, great product photography is an essential ingredient for success on eBay.

Pixelcut is a smartphone app that helps you capture better product photos in seconds, with zero skill required. 

Available on iOS and Android, the app lets you snap a shot and remove the background with a single swipe. You can then keep the clean white backdrop, or insert your own. There are thousands to choose from in Pixelcut, from plain colors to stock photos.

Pixelcut also allows you to add eye-catching stickers and text, plus visual effects. You can then easily export your images at the perfect size with a couple of taps. 

Pricing: Free to download, subscriptions from $9.99/mo or $59.99/yr

2) Jazva: Cloud-Based Marketing Toolbox

jazva: Cloud-Based Marketing Toolbox

If we had to come up with a one-line description for Jazva, it would be an “operating system for your ecommerce business.

The platform covers everything from pricing to inventory management, with support for multiple channels. However, the key features here for eBay sellers relate to product listing.

Jazva allows you to manage multiple eBay stores in a single dashboard, and you can upload hundreds of products in minutes using the bulk listing options.

Just as importantly, Jazva helps you to optimize those listings. Automated tagging makes your listings easy to find, and intelligent repricing ensures you are always competitive. 

In addition, the platform helps you to handle packing and shipping more efficiently — meaning happier customers.

Jazva definitely falls into the premium bracket, but it can be a real help for anyone trying to grow a business on eBay.

Pricing: On request, from $2,000/mo after set-up fees

3) Terapeak: Find the Right Price for Any Product

Terapeak: Find the Right Price for Any Product

Originally an independent startup, Terapeak is a product research tool that was bought by eBay and integrated into the Seller Hub.

Now accessible via the Research tab, this tool lets you trawl years of listing data — from the number of items sold, to the location of buyers. 

Other interesting data points include:

  • Average mailing costs
  • Sales trends
  • Unsold products
  • Condition of items sold
  • Sell-through rates
  • Average sale prices for products

These are all valuable data points, but we believe that pricing is where Terapeak really excels

With millions of listings and transactions to draw upon, this tool helps you find the true value of pretty much any product you can imagine!

Pricing: Free to access in eBay Seller Hub

4) ShelfTrend: Rapid Competitor Research

ShelfTrend: Rapid Competitor Research

While Terapeak focuses on listing data, ShelfTrend looks at the bigger picture. This startup has collected data on more than a billion listings to provide a live overview of the eBay marketplace.

Through this online app, you can monitor your competitors and take a look through the top 500 sellers at any time. ShelfTrend highlights the big movers and helps you track where your eBay business stands in the market. 

For marketing purposes, ShelfTrend tracks your search rank and pricing competitiveness. It can also point out product types that are trending on eBay, along with specific search terms and keywords that are popular with buyers. 

Pricing: Free Basic plan; Premium from $19.99/mo

5) Feedback Reminder: Get More Good Ratings

Becoming a Top Rated Seller can only help your marketing efforts on eBay. But to earn that title, you need to get a lot of positive reviews.

Feedback Reminder is a neat little tool that automatically sends out a message to your customers, asking them to leave a rating

You can customize when that message should be sent, and personalize the text — but other than that, there isn’t much to set up. The app then starts sending messages to buyers in the background, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Pricing: From $3.99/mo

6) Title Builder: SEO for eBay Listings

Title Builder: SEO for eBay Listings

As any seasoned eBay seller will tell you, the title is one of the most important parts of any given listing. Get it right, and buyers will come flocking. Get it wrong, and you will have items unsold.

Title Builder is a market research tool that helps you to compose the perfect title for any product

It works by analyzing eBay search data, and then providing suggestions of new and rising keywords. The app works in seven different languages, with full keyword scores and competition data — just like any other SEO platform.

Title Builder can also recommend categories for your eBay items, and show you what kind of product images are proving successful for other sellers. 

Pricing: Free to try, then from $0.07 per item

7) WOW Lister: Create Listings From Amazon Products

WOW Lister: Create Listings From Amazon Products

You know the other really big ecommerce marketplace? Even if you don’t sell there, Amazon’s huge product catalog can actually help you sell more efficiently on eBay.

With WOW Lister, you can grab any Amazon URL and convert it into an eBay listing in less than a minute. In fact, the folks behind this eBay listing tool will refund your subscription if it takes any longer.

Aside from a few basic details (e.g. item condition), WOW Lister automates the entire listing process — from writing descriptions to uploading standard product photos. It even has an intelligent algorithm to handle pricing.

If you’re looking for low-effort promotion, this app should definitely be part of your workflow.

Pricing: Free for 10 listings; premium plans from $9.99/mo

8) 3Dsellers: Branding Tools and Automated Communication 

3Dsellers: Branding Tools and Automated Communication 

It would be fair to describe 3Dsellers as one of the most comprehensive selling tools available for eBay.

Billed as all-in-one management software, the platform has many listing and order management features. But for the sake of this list, we’re going to focus on other functionality.

For a start, 3Dsellers allows you to set up automated messaging, either through eBay or email. There are loads of rules you can create here, and the platform offers plenty of great templates. You can even activate automated feedback reminders.

Other key marketing features include social media integration, professional listing templates, and best offer automation. Plus, you can set up your own helpdesk for better customer support.

Pricing: Free 7-day trial, then from $12/mo

9) MailChimp: Better Email Marketing

MailChimp: Better Email Marketing

If you know much about marketing, you have probably come across Mailchimp before. This email platform makes it easy to create mailing lists and auto-responders.

But why is it on a list about eBay marketing tools? Well, because Mailchimp offers a really easy way to engage with previous customers.

Using a tool like Zapier or Automate, you can connect your eBay store to your Mailchimp account, so that new customers are automatically added to your mailing list. This means you can later send out newsletters that showcase your latest listings and best-selling products.

Mailchimp has loads of easy-to-customize email templates, and you can set up multiple segments for various types of buyer.

Pricing: Free basic plan; premium plans from $11/mo

10) eBay Keyword Generator by Keysearch: Optimize Your Listings

eBay Keyword Generator by Keysearch: Optimize Your Listings

Just as you can optimize your website for Google, it’s possible to optimize your listings for eBay search. 

The eBay Keyword Generator by Keysearch is a free tool that serves up highly relevant search terms for any product or category. The idea is that you can include the suggestions in your title and product description; as a result, your listings should rise up the search results.

With each suggestion provided by the eBay Keyword Generator, you can see an estimate of search volume. For more detailed metrics, including competition, you can sign up for a premium Keysearch account.

Pricing: Free; Keysearch plans from $17/mo

11) Inkfrog: Professionally-Designed Listing Templates

Inkfrog: Professionally-Designed Listing Templates

Of course, eBay marketing doesn’t end at the point that a buyer clicks on your listing. In fact, that is only the starting point.

Inkfrog offers a huge selection of beautiful listing templates that are sure to catch the eye of shoppers. Each of them is completely customizable, and they work perfectly on mobile devices

If you’re comfortable with writing HTML, you can even upload your own designs to Inkfrog and use the platform to manage multiple templates.

Pricing: From $11/mo

How to Choose the Right Marketing Tools for Your eBay Store

All of the apps in the list above can supercharge your sales on eBay, and even some other online marketplaces. The tricky part is choosing the right solutions for your needs.

As a starting point, think about your marketing goals. Are you trying to reach people on eBay, or bring prospects from other places? Do you need better ratings, better profit margins, or more sales? 

Once you have some answers, the next step is to find suitable solutions that fit within your budget.

Some apps on this list are better suited to store owners who are trying to make a living through ecommerce. Jazva is a powerful management tool for multichannel selling, but the price won’t be appealing if you only sell a few items a month.

In contrast, apps like eBay Keyword Generator and Pixelcut can be useful for any seller. The first helps you to improve your search ranking, while the second provides an instant and affordable upgrade for your product images.

Every Store Needs Great Photos

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