The 11 Best Etsy Marketing Tools in 2022

With over 81 million highly engaged buyers, Etsy is the perfect place to sell handmade, bespoke, and collectible products. But even with all those potential customers on the platform, you still need to work on promoting your store. That is where Etsy marketing tools can really help.

With $10 billion in sales made on Etsy every year, it’s no surprise that there are many great Etsy-focused tools around nowadays. Some are well known, while others are truly hidden gems.

In this roundup, we’re going to look at the marketing tools that every Etsy seller should know about — from keyword research aids to product photography apps!

What Is an Etsy Marketing Tool?

Any app, platform, or resource that helps you spread the word about your online store can be described as an Etsy marketing tool. 

Most tools fall into one of five categories:

  • Etsy SEO — These tools help you to optimize your store and product listings for Etsy’s built-in search engine. Including the right tags and keywords can help you to reach more shoppers.
  • Social Media Marketing — Top sellers on Etsy use platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest extensively to promote their products. Some Etsy marketing tools make this easier by connecting your store to your social accounts.
  • Email Marketing — Setting up a mailing list is an effective way to engage with new and previous customers. Some email marketing solutions are designed to work with Etsy, meaning you can easily import store content.
  • Automation — Running a successful ecommerce business can be pretty time consuming. However, you can automate certain aspects of your Etsy store by using specialized marketing tools.
  • Competitor and Product Research — Your Etsy shop has a lot of competition. With over four million sellers on the platform, it’s essential to get your pitch and your pricing right for every product. Etsy research tools help you study your competition for clues.

Of course, there are plenty of Etsy marketing tools that lie outside these categories. Expect to see some of these alternative apps in the roundup below!

The 11 Best Marketing Tools for Etsy Sellers

Whether you are just starting out or trying to take your Etsy business to the next level, the following tools should help you reach more customers and make more sales. 

1) Pixelcut: Upgrade Your Product Photography

The quality of your product photos can have a big impact on your success as an Etsy seller. Great images can help your listings to stand out on busy search pages; poor-quality shots will make potential customers think twice.

Pixelcut is a smartphone app that was designed specifically for taking great product photos

Available on iOS and Android, the app lets you take a snap and remove the background in seconds. You can also add your own background, insert text, and slap on some eye-catching stickers. 

Pixelcut even lets you resize your photos for Etsy with a couple of taps. For regular sellers, this app can be a massive time-saver.

Pricing: Free to download, Pro plan from $9.99/mo or $59.99/yr

2) Etsy on Sale: Automated Seller Promotions

If you want your Etsy store to make consistent sales throughout the year, running promotions and sale events is a smart move.

Dropping prices by hand is a laborious task, but you can make the process really easy by using Etsy on Sale.

This online platform allows you to schedule promotions in advance, and automate all the changes to your Etsy listings. For instance, the app will change prices, upload special sale photos, and re-tag your products on any given date. 

Just as importantly, Etsy on Sale puts everything back to the way it was after the sale period passes.

Pricing: PAYG credits; from $1 per sales event

3) Marmalead: Discover Keywords Used by Shoppers

While some people browse the various categories on Etsy, most shoppers navigate the site via the search function. Marmalead can tell you what these potential customers are looking for. 

This Etsy SEO tool collects massive amounts of real-world search data, and uses this information to suggest popular keywords.

It works much like a regular SEO tool: you put in terms that are relevant to your product, and Marmalead tells you how much traffic they are likely to attract.

The site can also help you brainstorm, with suggestions of high-traffic, low-competition keywords to include on your Etsy listings. Plus, you can quickly analyze your current performance.

Pricing: From $19/mo or $189.96/yr

4) Handmade Newsletter: Email Marketing for Your Etsy Store

Sending out regular email newsletters to potential buyers is a proven marketing strategy in ecommerce. Unfortunately, Etsy doesn’t have this feature built in.

Handmade Newsletter provides a simple solution. This service lets you set up a personalized opt-in subscription page for your Etsy store. You can then export your subscribers to an email platform like MailChimp and start sending out updates.

Sign-up pages look a little basic, but they get the job done — and you can add your own branding.

Pricing: From $8/mo or $88/yr  

5) All Hashtag: Boost Your Social Media Presence

Some of the best Etsy marketing tools are not actually connected to your store. All Hashtag is a prime example.

This free-to-use keyword tool generates relevant hashtags for any search term, helping you reach a larger audience with your social media posts.

It can also assist you with creating your own unique hashtags, and count how many times individual tags have been used.

Whether you’re on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or somewhere else — we highly recommend adding this tool to your workflow.

Pricing: Free

6) eRank: Powerful Etsy SEO Analysis

If you want your products to appear more often in Etsy search results, eRank is definitely worth your attention.

This powerful Etsy keyword tool and analysis suite helps you to apply best practices, compare your store with the competition, and find the most popular search terms in any category.

Perhaps the best feature of all is eRank’s dashboard, which highlights areas you can improve with quick fixes —such as correcting spelling mistakes and adding missing tags.

Pricing: Free basic plan, premium plans from $5.99/mo

7) Craft Maker Pro: Pricing Made Easy

Pricing makes a big difference on Etsy. Even though the platform is filled with unique and bespoke items, you can find that a couple of dollars either way really affects your revenue.

Available on Mac and Windows, Craft Maker Pro is a desktop app that helps you fine-tune the pricing on your Etsy products

The software takes into account the amount of hours you put into crafting your products or the amount charged by your favorite suppliers. It also adds tax and other costs to the calculation. Based on these figures, you can easily see what you need to charge to make your target margin.

Pricing: One-time purchase of $147 for Pro version

8) EtsyHunt: All-in-One Etsy Research Platform

No single marketing tool can do everything. But in terms of research and analysis, EtsyHunt comes pretty close.

This platform provides a wide selection of seller tools, allowing you to pinpoint the bestsellers in any category and find out what buyers are searching for.

In addition, EtsyHunt provides excellent data on shops — useful for competitor research — and a listing optimization tool that shows you which of your listings are converting.

Pricing: Free limited plan, premium plans from $3.99/mo

9) Spacefem’s Etsy Tag Analyzer: Optimize Your Tags Quickly

You won’t find a more visually simplistic tool than Spacefem’s Etsy Tag Analyzer. It takes up only one very basic web page. Yet, this humble app is used by countless successful Etsy sellers.

This is because the Etsy Tag Analyzer is a free goldmine of data. You simply put in the name of the Etsy shop you want to analyze, and the app delivers detailed information on your most commonly used tags.

With a click, you can see the average number of daily views on recent listings with any given tag, and the amount of times those listings have been favorited.

Pricing: Free

10) Vela: Edit Thousands of Listings in Seconds

To improve your Etsy sales, sometimes it is necessary to change strategy.

Vela is a very sleek ecommerce tool that allows you to edit and optimize thousands of listings in minutes. Compatible with Etsy and Shopify, the platform has a bulk editor that covers pricing, tags, and product photos.

You can also create new listings through Vela, and the platform lets you manage multiple stores via the same dashboard. You can even copy products between Etsy and Shopify, and easily correct listing errors across all your channels.

Pricing: Lite plan from $5/mo, Plus plan from $10/mo

11) Outfy: Automated Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Many small businesses struggle to make a mark on social media because they simply don’t have enough time to post and engage frequently. Outfy offers a simple solution that works well for many Etsy entrepreneurs.

In essence, this app automates most of your social media marketing workflow. 

The built-in creative editor allows you to build collages and gifs using professional templates and simple tools. Outfy then auto-posts your content to all your social accounts.

Just as importantly, the platform integrates with Etsy, Amazon, and many other ecommerce platforms — so you can quickly import content from your store.

Pricing: Limited free plan, premium plans from $15/mo

Which Etsy Marketing Tools Are Right for You?

All the tools above have the potential to boost your Etsy business. However, it’s a good idea to streamline your workflow and concentrate on a few key tools.

Here is a quick breakdown of our favorites in each major category:

  • Etsy SEOMarmalead and eRank both provide useful insights; try them and pick your favorite
  • Social Media Marketing — Pixelcut helps you capture eye-catching images to share; Outfy and All Hashtag can both help you reach a wider audience
  • Email MarketingHandmade Newsletter makes it easy to set up email updates with your favorite platform
  • Automation: Etsy on Sale is very useful for running promotions and adapting your pricing, while Vela speeds up the listing process
  • Competitor and Product Research EtsyHunt offers the most complete set of marketing tools here, but Spacefem’s Etsy Tag Analyzer is a useful freebie

Ultimately, your choice of apps will depend on your budget and how much business you do on Etsy. 

Be sure to sign up for free trials where they are available and test out each app before committing. There are plenty to choose from!

Our Top Pick: Take Better Product Photos With Pixelcut

If you only pick one app from this list, Pixelcut should probably be your priority.

Every successful Etsy store has great product photos, and it’s well known that people shop with their eyes. Pixelcut allows you to show off your handmade products and collectibles in style — even if you don’t know anything about photography. 

Just as importantly, Pixelcut can save you a lot of time and money. Rather than setting up a home studio or hiring a professional photographer, you can simply snap away and produce amazing shots in seconds. It’s this easy:

Want to give it a try? Download Pixelcut today and join 10 million small businesses already using the app!

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