How to Take Square Photos for Poshmark

Eye-catching product photography is a key ingredient of success on any ecommerce platform. However, each site requires something a little different. In the case of Poshmark, every image is displayed in a 1:1 ratio. So, how do you take good-looking square product photos?

The good news is that you don’t need any special equipment. That said, there are a few key techniques that you need to know.

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to take square photos for Poshmark — and how to capture images that sell!

What Makes a Good Poshmark Product Photo?

You can find many different styles of product photography in the Poshmark app: white background, flat lay, lifestyle, and so on.

Yet for all this variety, the most effective images share a few key qualities. If you want to pump up your Poshmark sales, make sure your product photos feature...

  • Good lighting — Whether it’s natural light or studio flash, your products will look so much better in good light. The human eye is naturally attracted to highlights and bright colors, and good light brings a fresh feel to your product photos.
  • Clear details — Before shoppers on Poshmark make a purchase, they generally want to understand the quality of the item they will receive. Blurry product photos make it almost impossible to make this judgment. To avoid losing out on sales, check that your pics are crystal clear before finishing your photoshoot. 
  • No distractions — When someone glances at your product photo, they should get a clear view of the item, not the contents of your home. To keep distractions to a minimum, full-time sellers invest in white photo backgrounds. A more convenient alternative is using an app like Pixelcut, which lets you remove and replace backgrounds in seconds

We will look at some more Poshmark photography tips and editing tools a little later. 

Do Poshmark Photos Have to Be Square?

Poshmark will allow you to upload listing photos in any aspect ratio. However, the app will always crop them square.

So, what’s the problem? Well, that automated crop is not always very flattering. For example, if you take a portrait shot, the top and bottom of your item might be cropped away — not great for business.

Do Poshmark Photos Have to Be Square

For this reason, most top sellers crop their photos to square format before uploading them. If you want your Poshmark business to thrive, we would recommend that you follow suit! 

What Are the Image Size and Quality Requirements for Poshmark?

Apart from the suggestion of uploading square mode photos, Poshmark doesn’t have any specific requirements for image size or quality. 

Of course, higher-quality images are always more likely to catch the attention of Poshers. And for image size, there is no need to reduce the number of pixels you are packing. If your image file is big enough, Poshmark will optimize it. 

At the other end of the scale, we recommend going no lower than 800 x 800 pixels. This should ensure that potential buyers get a nice, clear view of your item.

How to Take Great Square Photos in 3 Easy Steps

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten what you came for! Here is our three-step guide to taking high-quality square photos for Poshmark:

1) Set Up Your Scene

Before you pick up your iPhone or DSLR, the first step in product photography is always setting up the scene.

Many Poshmark sellers choose to keep things simple, placing their product in front of a plain backdrop. This option definitely works, although you may find you can attract more business by getting creative. 

For instance, you could get someone to model your products, or you could insert a more eye-catching background using editing tools.

In terms of lighting, natural is usually better than artificial. Shooting near a window or outdoors should always be your first option, as it offers a more natural feel. 

If that isn’t possible, consider investing in some dedicated photography lights. For less than $40, you can get great little light rings and LED add-ons for your phone.

2) Shoot With a Central Focus

As Poshmark listing photos are square, it’s generally advisable to keep your product right in the center of every photo. This means you can crop away the sides or top and bottom of each shot, without losing a key part of your product.

Lining this up can be a little tricky, so we recommend using a camera app that has a square mode (or at least 1:1 visual guides). The built-in Camera app on iOS has this option; you just need to tap the ^ icon at the top of the screen and select Square.

selecting square mode in pixelcut

Many Android devices have this feature, as well. To find out how to enable it, you will need to refer to the guide for your particular smartphone.

To make your workflow faster, Pixelcut has this option built in. This means you can snap a photo and move straight into step three.

3) Crop and Edit 

Even if you shoot in square mode, you might need to make a few adjustments before you upload your listing images.

First, take a closer look at each shot. Is your product right in the middle? Are there any distractions around the edge of the frame? By simply cropping out some of the original image, you can easily fix these flaws.

We also highly recommend making some basic adjustments using your preferred photo editing tools

Many apps can do the hard work for you, with auto-correction for lighting and color. If you want to take more control, apps like Pixelcut have manual sliders and creative tools for adding visual effects.

The last step in your editing workflow should be a final check for dust spots and background distractions. If you discover anything that shouldn’t be in the frame, you can use Pixelcut’s Magic Eraser tool to make it disappear fast.

Pixelcut’s Magic Eraser tool

Once your image is looking pristine, you can then go ahead and export it. Pixelcut has a range of one-tap templates you can use, meaning you can easily create copies for Poshmark, eBay, Amazon, Mercari, other ecommerce sites, and even social media.

How Do I Make My Poshmark Photos Look Better?

Of course, taking technically solid, square photos doesn’t guarantee that you will receive attention on Poshmark. 

Whether you are a beginner in this game or simply trying to improve your sales, the following tips can help you take your photography to the next level:

  • Use props or models — Many new resellers on Poshmark make the mistake of shooting dresses and other garments on the hanger. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really show off the best features of the item. For this reason, we highly recommend investing in a mannequin or getting someone to wear your products.
  • Embrace the close-up — Poshmark lets you upload eight images for each listing. That means you have plenty of scope for creativity. In your shoot, consider including some close-ups. Customers love being able to see the details, whether that’s the quality of leather, the pattern on fabric, or simply a designer label. 
  • Add some text — As shoppers scroll through the various products on Poshmark, you only have a fleeting moment to capture their attention. Adding product details or discount information to an eye-catching product photo can help you attract more interest. 
  • Use a flattering backdrop — While a plain white background looks neat and professional, it doesn’t always flatter your product. For example, a black shirt is likely to look pretty dull in comparison with the gleaming backdrop. Instead, try using a background that complements your items. Apps like Pixelcut allow you to swap out boring white for any plain color, a gradient, or even a stock photo.

Pixelcut: Create Great Product Photos in Under 2 Minutes

As we have discovered, there is more to Poshmark photography than meets the eye. If you would like to take better photos in less time, Pixelcut is definitely worth your attention.

Our easy-to-use app helps you capture, edit, and export square photos for your Poshmark account. It also provides a wide range of creative tools, meaning you can replace backgrounds and add eye-catching text with a couple of taps.

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